Wednesday, September 5, 2012

September 5, 2012

I just read the last post I wrote in September last year...and man was I having a bad day!  Sad that that was the last time I wrote anything.  Today's entry will hopefully be much more positive!  I am so greatful for my sweet family!  Kingston is doing so awesome!!!  And although I still worry about things and he's still a little delayed, he has come SUCH A LONG WAY!!  and is progressing so well and I'm not crazy worried anymore...he is going to be just fine and we are so blessed!

Now I worry about normal mom things...please don't hit the baby, please don't drag the dog across the kitchen, quit throwing tantrums, please don't climb on that, can you just sit still!!  I definitely have a 2 yr old!  :)  ...and I LOVE it!!

Kingston started crawling on Valentines day...of course he would do it on a holiday...that's the way he is!  We were in Vegas and I made a trail of m&m's  (motivation) and he just kept crawling to eat was adorable! Our next goal after that was walking...I wanted more than anything for him to walk by his second birthday and a couple weeks before sure enough he was doing it!  LOVE that little guy!  I couldn't be more proud! He was walking on the insides of his feet though which had us a little worried.  We took him to a friend of ours who is a foot doctor...for adults, and she thought he would need surgery on both his feet.  She advised we get him checked out and do it right away.  I was thinking, he's finally walking and now he will be in casts and have to learn to walk all over again!  We tried to make an appointment but of course everything was a couple months out.  He had these little orthodics so we just made sure he had them on ALL the time.  They really helped straighten his feet out and he walked fine with them.  When we went to see the foot doc, they took x-rays and let us know he was just fine and his muscles were just a little tight but that he didn't need surgery.  As a mom you spend so much time worrying about your babies...and really you shouldn't worry about the what ifs but focus on the right nows.  Nice advise...wish I could take it myself.  HA! Now he doesn't even need the orthos and he's running and climbing and just the greatest little boy in the world!  (when he's not being a little monster!) :)

We're still doing the PT and Speech therapy but I think we're almost finished with the PT.  He's really caught up fast and is doing so awesome.  He doesn't say many words (like that's a bad thing?) so we taught him some signs and he picked up on those so fast...we need to learn more words to teach him.  He says please, thankyou, more, help and all done in sign. Speaking- He says mama, dada, yah, no, doggie, and ruff, ruff mostly...a few randoms here and there.  He knows most of his body parts in both portuguese and english and understands both languages when we ask him to do things.  It's so fun watching him learn new things!  He loves to give kisses and blow kisses and say hi and bye to people.  He LOVES attention...(where he got that from I don't know???) -HA!  He LOVES everyone he meets and has such a big personality!!!  He is about 28" tall and weighs about 18 lbs.   He loves his mommy, daddy, nanny (Lu), his 2 puppies, his blankeys...which he has 7 of and had to hold them all in the morning and take them to breakfast with him, and his pacifier (I know I know, I should probably ween him off it but he just loves it so much and I'm just not ready to) He LOVES Peanut Butter...I think he would eat it on everything!  Some of his favorite foods are eggs, pb sandwiches, pancakes with PB, oatmeal with PB, fruit, yogurt, CHEESE (this is all he seems to want lately) milk, chicken nuggets, goldfish and Z bars. 

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  1. He is so cute and such a fun personality! He and Tristan need a play date sometime:)